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Owners & President

Peter Grunwaldt, CEO                                 Tim Worthen, CEO                                    Josh Howes, President


Laura Welsh, Director of Sales

Anthony Giliam, Sales Manager


Karlyn Wilkie,  Director of Communications



Sarah Jeffries, Director of Administration & Inventory

Brian Huling, Inventory Manager

Jennifer McCombs, Inventory Manager

Sara Kuhnley, Inventory Manager

Ivy Cerdena, Office Manager


Tour Operations

Travis Taylor, Director of Tour Operations

Julie Jokinen, Tour Director Manager

Brian Shea, Tour Operations Manager

Christina Colvin , Tour Operations Manager


James Chavez, Controller

Linda Cushman,  Accounting Manager


Motorcoach Operations 

Jacob Lyon, Director of Motorcoach Operations

Cory Smith, Safety and Compliance Manager

Kevin Johnson, Operations Manager

Jordan Howes, Anchorage Airport Operations Manager

Jenn Borchert, Operations Manager

Debbie Van Tassel, Seward Operations Manager

Premier Highway Services

Bill Pierson, General Manager

Rocky Almon, Anchorage Shop Foreman


Denali National Park

Buzzy Chiu, Director Interior Operations

Fairbanks Motorcoach Operations

Patrick Gillin, Division Manager

Mark Anderson, Fairbanks Shop Foreman

Wilderness Express Railcars

Scott Oberlitner, General Manager

Kori Goertz, Director of Operations

Premier Alaska Tours is a WHOLESALE Company and works directly with other Tour Operators and Wholesale Agents. 

If you are looking for information on available tours please contact your local Travel Agency.

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Premier Alaska Tours

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Fairbanks Division Office
3427 International Street, Fairbanks, AK  99709

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