The weather varies across the state. While Anchorage tends to stay in the mid-sixties, Fairbanks often is a bit warmer and can get into the 90's. Let your guest know to take precautions and dress in layers.

Ask this question to any member of the Premier team, and you will hear "FALL!".

Our autumn colors are a photographer's dream. In May, the weather tends to be a little cooler (55-65 degrees) and it would be considered spring by most "lower 48" residents. From mid-June to mid-August, Alaska receives record numbers of visitors as the long daylight hours and warmer temperatures are appealing. In early May and after the first week of September, there are often reduced prices for visiting during the off-season.

July is known as bug season - the time when the giant "skeeters" fly, but unless you are scheduling a bit of time on the waters, they are not a bother. Seeking something a little different? Our winter programs can bring your group up close the Northern Lights, dog mushing and the real Alaska.